• Online invoicing program for small businesses and freelancers.
  • Provides services such as invoicing, reimbursement, record keeping, mobile payments.
  • Quotations, orders, advance invoices, delivery notes.

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More about the service

Issue a free invoice in a few clicks. You can download your invoice right away without registering. You can add your own logo, stamp or signature. Impress your clients!

  • Take care of business, we'll take care of the legislation.
    Who would like to worry about how the VAT rates should be broken down on the invoice, what formula should be included in the tax document, how the invoice should look in German or where to indicate the conversion for an invoice in euros. We have studied this and taught it to SuperFakturu. In the meantime, you can concentrate on your e-shop.

  • Export for courier
    Want to easily transfer address information to your courier? With SuperFaktura, you don't have to go through the hassle of finding modules for your eshop or searching for complicated conversion bridges, and you certainly don't have to rewrite anything manually. In a few clicks, you transfer the data to your courier and just wait for him to come and pick up the goods.

  • Exports to accounting
    Your accountant can download all the documents she needs. Both in a format for her accounting system and as a PDF to print and file in the accounting system. This will sort everything out digitally and save you and your accountant time.

  • You know how much you earn and spend
    In SuperFaktura, you'll keep your costs and revenues together. You can see which client buys the most from you, how your cash flow looks, or how much you pay in VAT. You can access all this information from your mobile phone.

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