Marketplace Terms and Conditions

By using the Marketplace (the "Service") for the purpose of offering ("Advertisement") or requesting the Services, you agree to the following binding business and operating terms of the Service (the "Terms of Service"). The agency offering its services on the Marketplace ("Advertiser") is responsible for all changes within the realized order ("Order") on e-shops ("Projects") of Marketplace clients ("Client").

The Advertiser agrees to the binding Terms of Service and Terms of Advertising in specific Marketplace categories (further specified in the registration form within each category of Service).

    2. Advertiser Profile

    1. When adding the first Advertisement, the Advertiser is obliged to fill in the information needed to create the Advertiser's profile ("Profile").
    2. All Advertiser offers will be listed under this Profile.
    3. The Service will send the advertiser credentials to edit the information in the Profile.
    4. Editing an Advertiser's profile is done using a form that the Advertiser will have access to after logging in to the Profile.

    3. Ad Content

    1. The price of the advertisement must correspond in general to the final price of the realized Order. The expected price deviation must be within a maximum of 15%.
    2. The content of the Advertisement may not be a service related to an e-shop solution other than UPgates. Promotion of any other type of service is permitted (eg graphic work on company materials that are not directly related to the e-shop, etc.).
    3. The content of the ad must not be excessive advertising messages using an excess of superlatives, etc.
    4. The advertiser must describe the service truthfully and factually in accordance with the Marketplace Advertising Terms.
    5. The image of the ad must be illustrative only, not the Advertiser's logo, etc.

      4. Insert an Ad

      1. The Advertiser must properly and truthfully complete the form for adding an Ad.
      2. The ad is published only after approval by the administrator of the Service. There is no deadline for approval, but it will be done without undue delay.
      3. The Service reserves the right to edit or delete the information in the Advertisement and Profile. These changes are subject to approval by the Advertiser.
      4. Posting an ad is subject to review. The Service reserves the right not to approve the Advertisement for any reason and at any time.
      5. Ad Editing
      1. The Advertiser logs in to edit the Ad under their login details. The login details will be sent by the Service as part of the creation of the Profile.
      2. Editing the Advertisement takes place via the form in the detail of the Advertisement, to which the Advertiser will have access after logging in.
      6. Ad Demand
        1. The Client requests the Advertiser's offer by filling in the request form in the detail of the given Ad.
        2. The inquiry form is forwarded to the Advertiser.
        3. Based on the received inquiry form, the Advertiser undertakes to contact the Client with a notification about the further progress of the work.
        4. Communication and implementation of the order offered in the Advertisement then takes place exclusively in the Client's relationship with the Advertiser.

        7. Ad Rating

        1. After completing the advertised Order, the Order Evaluation form from the Marketplace will be sent to the Client.
        2. Upon completion of this form, the Rating will be added to the detail of the Advertisement.
        3. The Service reserves the right to edit or delete the Advertisement in any way at its discretion.

        8. Ad Reference

          1. After completing the advertised Order, the Insert Reference to Ad will be sent to the Advertiser.
          2. On the basis of filling in this form, the project within which the work was carried out will be included in the references of the Advertisement.
          3. The Service reserves the right to delete unauthorized references in the Advertisement at its discretion.

          9. General provisions

          1. The Advertiser agrees to have been sufficiently familiar with the capabilities of UPgates, its features , and the feature guide before placing the Ad. .
          2. The Service does not interfere in the business relationship between the Client and the Advertiser. Invoicing, orders and consultations take place on the basis of their mutual communication. The service serves only as an intermediary between the Client's demand and the Advertiser's offer.
          3. The Service reserves the right to remove the Advertisement in the event of a breach of the Advertising Conditions or repeated negative Ratings by Clients.
          4. The Advertiser is solely responsible for the quality of the executed Order and compliance with all conditions stated in the Advertisement. The Advertiser also provides all technical support for the completed Order.
          5. The Advertiser is responsible for any errors and changes in the operation of the Projects caused by its intervention. UPgates technical support is not provided in this case.
          6. UPgates is also solely responsible for the default design of the templates in the Designer, which are modified within the Designer's system functions. In the case of individualsThe Client is obliged to address the complaint directly to the Advertiser. In the event of termination of the activities of the Advertiser who executed the Order, the Client may find another suitable Advertiser in the Service.
          7. UPgates reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Service without notice. Any new feature that enhances or improves upon an existing Service, including the creation of new tools and resources, is subject to the Terms of Service.
          8. Advertising on the Services Portal is free and indefinitely.
          9. The Service does not charge any commissions or other fees for completed Orders within the Advertisement.
          10. The Advertiser undertakes to add Advertisements in individual categories in a reasonable manner. They may not be ads of a similar or identical nature.
          11. All terms not contained in the Marketplace Advertising Terms are available in the UPgates General Terms and Conditions .