Story of online e-shop

Story of online e-shop

"You know, to the decision to choose UPgates from a wide range of online store rentals more than five years ago led us several reasons," says the owner of the company, Mr. Sadecký. "The main thing was the intuitive and clear control of the administration, the amount of features offered and the service support included in the flat monthly fee. Even after years, I am satisfied with the service support approach that responds to any incentives to improve or modify it very quickly. Most of our requirements are virtually usable," he added. Collaboration is even more impressive for us and that's why we are pleased at UPgates.

Story of online shop GLIX

Story of online shop GLIX

Why UPGates?
For the same reason we selected product suppliers. We did not want the system that most online stores in the Czech Republic have. How do you want to be interesting for search engines when your competitor has the same source code? How to be interesting for a visitor when a competitor has the same or similar template? We bet on UPgates and it was a great choice.

What clients said...

Michal Sádecký - Michal Sádecký

On UPgates solution we run our online store two years and we are absolutely satisfied. UPgates offers intuitive control of the entire administration, easy to manage everyday items and a number of sophisticated features. I also appreciate the support service, which is very fast and more...

Přemysl Obrusník - Přemysl Obrusník

I devote trading on the Internet since 2006 and from 2013 runs our online store on the system UPgates. Initial negotiations with Mr. Rataj took place at a professional level, technical support response is very fast, whether it is a technical problem or adjustment request of our store. more...

Michal Timofejev - Michal Timofejev

I want to thank you again for UPgates and especially for how are you still working on it and perfecting it. For the whole time we implemented it, I have never once regretted that I chose your solution. I recommended UPgates with two friends who went to your solution.

Marcela Brázdilová - Marcela Brázdilová

"Thanks UPgates shifted our online store further - increased turnover and visit rate has doubled. For the more than year that we use it, we got in our competitors to the first place. UPgates is a good system for good money. "

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