No more buying functions! Our online store rental options include all functions. They differ only in the parameters listed below. Variant is possible to change at any time.

19 per month
Free trial
59 per month
Free trial
79 per month
Free trial
119 per month
Free trial
Prices are without VAT.

For extra charge



The monthly rental price includes the operation of an online shop under one domain (eg or etc.). If you want to set up another domain (eg or this is possible for the stated surcharge. You can set up any number of domains and satellites (multishop) on one online shop. Domain aliases are free and also unlimited. 29 € / month / domain

Import products

Ability to regularly import products from vendors or third-party systems into UPgates. The fee is calculated according to the number of connected suppliers or services. E.g. you have connected Pohoda accounting and 2 suppliers. So you are in a lower tariff with up to 5 connections. The amount of data downloaded is unlimited. 15 € / month (up to 5 links)
40 € / month (from 6 links)

Advanced Emailing

You can send up to 10,000 messages from emailing module every month for free. Above this limit, each message is charged. 0,003 € / message

SMS messages

Possibility to activate sending SMS messages from the system. The price depends on the country to which the message is sent. 0.04 € / message (to ČR and SR)
0.08 € / message

Revision beyond

Special inspections and analyzes beyond general support. Price according to the scope of work and hours started. 50 € / hour

Online store rental without any liabilities free trial for 30 days!