PREMIER system

  • Economic information system.
  • Good price/performance ratio and above all fast and quality implementation.
  • It offers a clear and intuitive program environment.
  • Functional offer of modules for managing all processes in the company.

This addon is provided by:

The API connection is implemented using a ready-made bridge from one of the integrators below or individually in cooperation with an external agency.

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More about the service

PREMIER is a comprehensive economic software (ERP system) for the management of small and medium-sized companies. The range of modules covers all company agendas (economic, business, personnel, production technical) and in combination with add-on modules and specialized solutions creates a compact unit suitable for almost any industry and type of company.

  • You will gain security
  • Money savings and low operating costs.
  • Quality software that you won't have to change will grow with you.
  • Fast and reliable service - hosted on our servers.
  • Up-to-date legislation that is always 100% up-to-date.
  • Quality and professional support that will always help you with anything.
  • We bring cutting-edge technology
  • ModernSQL databases.
  • The possibility of hosting - to place the software on our powerful serversOutsourcing.
  • Connection to other system - Eshop, CRM system, Mobile warehouse, Invoice extraction.
  • API- interface for online connection with any other system.

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