Pošta bez hranic

  • Save money on foreign postage to all EU countries, UK + Ukraine.
  • Resolves claims and returns.
  • You can buy packaging material directly from the Post Without Borders administration.
  • Offers its own fulfilment centre.
  • Individual shipping options can be arranged.

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More about the service

With Post Without Borders you can send parcels abroad cheaply and easily.

How does it work?

  1. Pack your orders as usual
  2. Put everything in a larger box and send it to Zlín as one shipment for Post without Borders
  3. Mail without Borders will transport packages across borders and deliver them to customers there at domestic prices

The customer doesn't know the difference , you save time, money and worries. The package will be packaged in your original packaging and delivered on time, often faster.

No contracts or prepay . All you have to do is register, set up an account and you can send the first packages. You will pay retroactively according to the number of packages sent and according to the price list. If you need a contract, that's not a problem.

Mail without borders pays off for everyone. Small and large e-shops . However, Pošta bez hranice offers the best price ratio to e-shops, which send dozens or more packages per month. When it comes down to it, it's no problem to send even one package. But it is not a problem even with thousands of packages a month.

Ships every weekday If you send parcels by 1 p.m., they're going abroad the same day.

All services

  1. Save money on foreign postage to the following countries:
    - To the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania but also other EU countries
  2. Resolve complaints and returns
  3. You can purchase packaging material directly from the Post Office without Borders
  4. Store and ship your shipments
  5. Individual shipping options can also be arranged

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