• Marketplace offering products from individual sellers and e-shops.
  • The platform offers fashion and lifestyle products to customers in 17 European markets.
  • Connection via Baselinker.

Zalando.cz is an online shop that has become famous all over Europe. Although it opened as a shoe store, it is now considered a fashion giant. Zalando mainly targets millennials, so it is visually clean, energetic, and colourful. However, other age groups can also choose from the e-shop, for example, it offers a lot of stylish children's clothing.

BaseLinker will provide its users with integration with Zalando through zDirect, a dedicated partner portal that allows sales management. To list your products on the Zalando platform and gain access to over 49 million active customers in 23 European markets, you need to join the Zalando partner programme. We encourage you to join the Zalando Partner Programme today.

The integration of BaseLinker with the Zalando zDirect dashboard allows for a two-way exchange of information and automation of most sales activities.

What are the possibilities of integrating BaseLinker with Zalando zDirect?

  • Download and process orders from Zalando on the BaseLinker dashboard
  • List products from BaseLinker, a connected online store, warehouse or ERP system
  • Synchronise stock levels and prices between offers and the warehouse
  • Use of automatic actions to significantly reduce order processing time

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