• Program for visual product editing.
  • Suitable when selling printed or engravable items that customers can customize before purchase
  • Allows you to set up endless customization options for your products: from simple text and image customization to complex rules that show the real effect of different printing techniques such as DTG (direct to garment), sublimation and screen printing.
  • You can choose to customize all sides of a product, choose between single or full-color printing, create templates of editable areas, and set up multiple colors, sizes, and styles of the same product.

We integrate the Zakeke 3D product configurator into Upgates. Turn any item in your store into a customizable product using 2D, 3D and AR in real-time.

Linking Upgates with Zakeke turns your online store into a platform for custom product design

Convert from web to print - engage your customers and allow them to customize products right in your store. They can choose from simple designs to elaborate prints, create templates of editable areas and choose from multiple color options, sizes and styles. 

Preparation for custom plotting and engraving - Turn your customers' ideas into reality with engraving effects that look so real, whether on glass, wood or steel.

Customized product configuration incl. 3D final product demonstration - Turn ordinary customers into designers with our unique 3D shopping experience. No custom coding required - just their vision and imagination.

Empower your customers with their own unique experience, wherever you want it. Increase your sales with 3D and augmented reality. Zakeke's solution is optimized for e-commerce, advertising, marketing, B2B sales, and social commerce.

Try a sample eshop directly on Zakeke.


  • Advanced customization (designer turned off)
  • To function, you need an application environment on the server, which we will provide you in the add-on rental price of 199,-/month. This bridge will take care of the seamless connection between the API connectors of both parties. 
  • Zakeke's prices range from about 5 USD per month and you can pay directly to Zakeke or through us.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.