• Feed management specialist.
  • Preparation of customized feeds.
  • Fast online feed editing.
  • Assistance with expansion abroad.
  • Transformation of supplier feeds into Upgates data file.

Xemel is a simple online editor for quickly editing product feeds. No formulas, no code, just graphically processed rules. By viewing the rules in the tree structure, you can easily find your way around the set adjustments.

You create rules in one step and import the changes you want in bulk. The rules are updated every 45 minutes, so changes to the XML feed take effect almost immediately.

Xemel testing is FREE for 14 days.

What Xemel can do:

  • Modify the XML feed to meet the requirements of your advertising systems (e.g. Heureky, Zboží.cz, Google Shopping, Facebook, Glami, Favi, ShopAlike, and more).
  • Import CSV files with the required feed changes. For example, to pair products.
  • Fix major feed bugs.
  • Set shipping prices, parameters, or temporary promotions (e.g. gifts, free shipping).
  • Prepare the product feed you need with the custom Custom Feed service. E.g. from the supplier according to the specifications of your e-shop solution.
  • Implement a special comparator or advertising system, even if you don't find it among the currently supported Xemel systems.
  • Combine multiple input feeds into one output feed.
  • Manage feeds across multiple e-shops in one account.
  • Grant access rights to other users at the individual feed level.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.