• Service providing a network of robotic fulfillment.
  • Includes software solutions for e-logistics and a marketplace for dropshipping.
  • Cloud-based e-logistics platform.

Webshippy is a leading e-logistics technology company that is constantly changing the operating mechanisms of digital commerce. Webshippy operates as a single enterprise offering outsourced logistics fulfillment, software licensing and a digital wholesale marketplace. With its independently developed fulfillment software, Webshippy has become a leader in providing services with a focus on ever-changing customer needs and for all types of e-commerce stores.

We have long-standing cooperation with shipping companies GLS, DHL, Packeta.

The link works with the transfer of all available data from Upgates to the system to Webshippy (orders, products, etc.).

Why use this add-on?

  • Saving costs related to warehousing: space, human resources, technology, material.
  • Convenient prices for services with the possibility of cost savings if certain conditions are met, as stated in the price list.
  • Automation and almost zero errors; robotic warehouse.
  • Ability to process 10 thousand items per day.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.