• Automatic gift voucher management for Upgates e-shops.
  • Connection via a ready-made add-on by the service provider.

Voucher Creator will take care of everything for your vouchers on your e-shop. Voucher Creator allows you to fully automatically manage all vouchers, from their generation to delivery to the customer via email.

If a customer buys a gift voucher in your e-shop, our program automatically:

  • Generate to any value, in any language version
  • Creates in Upgates
  • Send in PDF format to the customer's email as soon as the order is paid

This solution will simplify your work for you and your customers and speed up the ordering process.

Putting this service up and running is very easy. Just add us:

  • API key for your e-shop
  • Voucher template in PDF format
  • Information about the SMTP server from which you want to send emails

For a detailed description of the steps required for commissioning, see this manual >.

Price: CZK 2,500 for commissioning, CZK 350 per month

We are also happy to accommodate you with individual requests . The price in such cases depends on your specific requirements.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.