Voice self-service

  • After installation, you will be assigned a phone number with a preset basic message. You can start using the number immediately.
  • We recognize calling customers by their phone number, read them the status of their order, or send them an SMS or email with additional information.
  • You can easily adapt all the messages and the entire structure to your working hours, for example, and leave the voice smoobservice working only when you are resting.
  • You can choose from several different voices that sound as natural as if you were talking to one of your colleagues.

You can easily set up smart voice self-service so that your customers will love using it, because it really helps them and saves you work. 

Why choose this add-on?

  • Save time and work for customer support - Voice Self Service answers the most common questions customers call with.
  • You'll have happier customers - Because they'll always get a quick answer to their questions, never have to wait long on the line, and you'll be able to help them outside of your business hours.
  • In the event of an unusual situation, you'll be able to inform your customers quickly and prevent further problems - you can easily change your initial message in a matter of minutes.

Basic features of the add-on

Customer recognition and order status retrieval

The voice self-service recognizes the customer by phone number and in the very first sentence tells them the answer to the question they are most likely calling about - the status of their order and offers related actions.

Sending SMS and emails 

If the customer wants more information, the voice self-service sends it to them via SMS or email - this can be for example payment details for an order, instructions for a return or claim, a link to a claim form, a package number, a link to track the delivery status with the carrier, or anything else.

Connecting to a specific employee

When a customer needs to solve something more complex, which the machine is short on, it will connect them directly to a specific employee who will solve everything with them, depending on the type of query. This makes it easy to split incoming calls with colleagues.

Easily customise the structure and reports

You can customize the logic, the options offered and all the messages yourself in just a few clicks. You can also set the machine to behave differently during and outside working hours, or to be switched off completely at certain times or days.

Powerful statistics

In the administration, you'll see clearly in one place the total number of calls, how long they lasted, the most frequent messages the machine played to customers and what options they usually choose. This makes it easy for you to measure how much time the answering machine is saving you. And you can further refine the logic and messages based on the data from the statistics.

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