• Online-only accounting software.
  • For entrepreneurs and freelancers.
  • All documents in a secure cloud.
  • Linking through the API.

Our accountants will ensure the smooth and secure processing of your accounting. They will ensure that your documents are complete, invoices are due and all monthly legislative deadlines are met. They will prepare your payroll or VAT and control reports on time and deal with all the authorities on your behalf.

  • Accounting and authorities under control. Always!
    Trivi is an online-only accounting firm so you can connect from home, holiday, computer, tablet and phone.

  • You can rely on our accountants!
    We have all trained accountants and tax advisors, we take care of accurate documents, deadlines and keep an eye on you and the authorities.

  • Cost-effective accounting
    The Trivi online application and portal is FREE with the price of our accounting services, so you get your assigned accountant along with full access to the application.

  • For entrepreneurs and sole traders
    Whether you are an entrepreneur with a small business or a larger one, with or without employees, you can have online accounting and your Trivi accountant.

  • All your documents in a secure cloud
    With us at Trivi your accounting documents will be safe, everything is backed up and all transactions are well insured.

  • We will take care of the transition to Trivi
    Switching to us won't hurt you. We'll help you with everything and simply transfer your accounting to us.

Connecting with Upgates

Fully automated one-way import of invoices from Upgates to Trivi via API.

Any interval can be set (e.g. 1x daily/weekly/monthly). 
The price already includes the 1st year of operation (from CZK 1,000/year).

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.