Transfer - orders, warehouses, reservations

Connects orders, products and stock levels of the e-shop from the Upgates platform and the POHODA accounting system.

The bridge automates:

  • transfers products to or from POHODA accounting,
  • transfers orders to POHODA including their changes,
  • reserves goods from received orders in POHODA,
  • transfers stock status from POHODA to Upgates e-shop.

Bridge can also work with product variants and multiple warehouses.

The bridge can also be used when connecting several e-shops or their language versions to one company accounted for in POHODA.

Issued invoices: You can use the scenario of transferring issued invoices in Upgates to POHODA or use the scenario of automatic creation of invoices in POHODA based on received orders.

Note: You need to use Dativery Agent to connect Stormware POHODA accounting.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.