• A very simple system for parcel dispatch.
  • Automatic import of orders, processing and control of shipments, printing of shipping labels.
  • Support for most Czech carriers.
  • In the warehouse works with durable mobile terminals with touch and extremely intuitive control.
  • Saves hours of work for warehouse staff.

Make packages faster, easier and error-free. Touchstore offers automatic import of orders, processing and checking of shipments, printing of shipping labels, data transfer to carriers.

Why TouchStore?

  • Make packages faster
    TouchStore's automatic communication with surrounding systems speeds up work in your warehouse.

  • Make parcels simple
    Intuitive controls ensure easy operation without the need for complex training.

  • Make packages without errors
    The system itself supports a number of control mechanisms that eliminate the most common errors during shipping.

We are not new to the industry

  • We have over 15 years of experience in ecommerce
  • TouchStore has been shipping packages since 2015
  • Over 100 satisfied customers

How does it all work?

Do you have 20 minutes of time? We come, we show, we explain...

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