• An app where you can watch and publish videos.
  • A social network aimed at a younger audience of users.
  • The link is available using the Elfsight add-on

Why do I need to embed an TikTok feed?

Higher visitor engagement. Higher conversion rates.

  • Increase website engagement
    Attract visitors to your website with dynamic TikTok videos and spark their interest to keep them involved.

  • Get new TikTok followers from the website
    Attract new subscribers from your website to the TikTok account and stay closer to your target audience.

  • Strengthen your personal brand
    Your TikTok activity and strong social endorsement increases brand credibility and improves reputation.

  TikTok feed

Flexible widget design for any device

It’s extremely easy to create a TikTok widget that will meet your needs and overall website design with no need to code. Change the size and proportions of the widget to shape it to suit your space needs. The automatic layout adaptation will adjust the widget to any screen resolution and ensure it looks balanced on any device.  

Show off your content and make the right accents

Present your dynamic and funny TikTok content to website visitors in the most attractive manner. Flexible header settings allow you to show or hide title and header or turn off the header and move the focus to the content. The menu can also be switched to create a gallery or a news feed. Popup will help you take a closer look at your content with all the information and comments available locally.  

Several variations of cards in a single widget

The Elfsight TikTok Gallery will meet all your needs at once: you will be able to display just a video and no additional details; there may be some text at the bottom of the card on the dark background; finally, it will be possible to present a text under the card. You'll also have the option to add custom elements like a TikTok logo, number of views, and account name. 

Select a ready-prepared color palette or create your own concept

We offer an extraordinary instrument for non-professionals - a Color Theme Generator that’ll produce a scheme for your plugin automatically. Merely choose a brand color, either a Light or Dark mode, and permit the built-in color designer do all the magic for you. In addition, if you need a unique design, you can always further customize all the components separately: head section, popup, background, text color, links color, and so on. See all changes instantly in online configurator with no need to code.  

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