• Telegram is an instant messaging app.
  • The link is available using the Elfsight add-on

Why do I need Elfsight Telegram Chat?

Immediate conversation. Better customer service

  • Be quick and simple to contact
    Users can easily and immediately get in touch with you and receive answers.

  • Improve customer service quality
    Responding and resolving issues faster, leave more customers satisfied.

  • Raise sales via consulting
    Provide useful info about your offers and convince more people to purchase.

Telegram Chat

The quickest way for your visitors to reach you

Through Elfsight Telegram Chat you will set a handy conversation tool, that will make it simple for users to talk to you without delay. People will be able to start a conversation with you whenever needed, via a well-known and convenient chat window. And you will be able to keep connected, answering on-the-go wherever you are.  

Draw people into chats. Turn them into shoppers. Increase sales

Whatever services or items you promote, it’s possible to offer more through targeted communication on your page. Get every user engaged into a chat and convince more users to buy from your site. Elfsight Telegram Chat employes chat triggers, that will make a chat window appear for each person after a certain time on the page, or at exit intent. There are several variants of chat display position, and an option to make the chat window appear for a particular group of viewers for the most effective work.  

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