SuperFaktura API

We will connect the external bridge to generate invoices for in real time, you can then send the invoice to the user as a link in an email or directly from

What can the module do?

  • The module immediately synchronizes the created orders to
  • For each payment you can set whether to generate a proforma invoice or an invoice
  • Variable symbol matching settings
  • Support for OSS mode
  • The invoice link is paired with Upgates, allowing you to send the invoice link directly from Upgates or via
  • Synchronizes paid invoices with the order in Upgates using webhook

How does the installation work?

You will immediately be sent an implementation manual and access to the web interface to set up the module.
Following the detailed manual, you will fill in the API accesses, synchronization settings and pairing by payments.

The module is fully functional at this time.

What about support and service?

The service fee for the module is 1000,- / year, part of the fee is the environment necessary for the functionality of the module on a specially dedicated server.

The module will continue to be supported and new features will be implemented. 

In the future we expect support of Webhook by Upgates, which will allow us to deliver even more interesting features.

All service and possible repairs are part of the amount already paid.

Translated with (free version)

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.