• Comparison of goods.
  • By registering and selling on the platform, you will gain hundreds of thousands of new customers
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Srovname.cz offers users the possibility to compare prices quickly and easily. 

Every day we compare the prices of 2,000,000 products and monitor more than 3,000 e-shops to always find the best price for our users on Srovname.cz! We have been on the market since 2006 and have been consistently in the top three most used comparison sites in the Czech Republic.

We will start displaying your eshop on our price comparison engine and thus reach up to 1.5 million customers per month.

Your eshop will also be included in the content platform srovname.cz for free. Here we cooperate with review sites such as Testado.cz and Prorecenze.cz. This way you will reach new customers at the exact moment of product selection.

Invest your money wisely. Thanks to the srovname.cz tracking pixel, we are able to automatically optimise your campaign. You will achieve a more efficient use of your resources.

We pride ourselves on an individual approach to our clients, which is why Premium Customer Care awaits you. With us, you will not be supported only by the query library on our website. You'll get your own personal marketing specialist to help you tighten and fine-tune the entire process.

Srovnáme.cz is not just a simple comparison site. For e-shops, we offer a platform that, thanks to automation and smart algorithms, takes care of the most efficient distribution of each e-shop's investment. This saves its clients not only money and their time spent on campaign management.

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