SMS messages

By simply sending SMS messages directly from the e-shop administration, you can inform your customers exactly where their order is. This way, customers can be sure that they have ordered from a reliable partner. In the same way, you can save long unclaimed deliveries via SMS and save yourself unnecessary shipping costs. People pay much more attention to text messages on their phone than to ordinary emails, which arrive in their inbox every day.

Text messages can be sent manually by the admin user from the order detail or automatically by the system in response to a specific event that the customer or admin has performed on the e-shop (order, customer registration, merchant inquiry, form completion, order status change, etc.).

SMS are sent from a randomly generated phone number, which cannot be changed for a custom number. Alternatively, customers will be shown the sender's "info". The sender's name cannot be changed to a custom name.

You can only insert your own number or sender's name in the content of the SMS message. 

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