• Czech internet portal and search engine offering PPC advertising (Sklik).
  •  The add-on provides export of products to Zbozi.cz, linking to the Sklik service.

    Sklik is a Czech advertising system operated by Seznam.cz, which enables the display of advertising in searches on Seznam.cz and on the most visited websites on the Czech Internet. Sklik advertising reaches over 95% of all Czech Internet users. Anyone can create an account and start advertising.

    Advantages of Sklik:

    • Payment per click or per impression
    • Flexibility
    • Regionalization option
    • Control over investment


    Get information about website traffic. Sklik offers a lot of information about how people use your site.

    • Conversion code - Special code for conversion tracking.
    • Retargeting Code - A special code to provide List Retargeting.
    • Register your service here.

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