• Professional fulfillment services.
  • You will always get up-to-date stock levels.
  • Automatic synchronization of orders created using API.
  • Synchronization of product availability and stock status.
  • Ability to track shipments by synchronizing tracking numbers.

We are a logistics-technology company that offers its clients complete outsourcing of logistics, so-called fulfillment. We take over all their logistics concerns and provide more time and space for business development, product development, marketing, sales and other key areas.

More about Skladon?

We offer our clients a complete fulfillment service at a highly individual level according to their specific needs and wishes. We provide:

  • Receipt of goods including quality and quantity control
  • Storage in pallet and shelf racks
  • Completion according to individual frequency and complexity
  • Product picking along the optimal route
  • Packing in the client's and our packaging materials
  • Shipping to 180+ countries worldwide
  • Return logistics including claims
  • Additional services such as labelling, customs clearance, bonded warehousing, etc.

All of this after project-managed onboarding and in a modern industrial hall with a current area of 16,000 sq.m. with the possibility of further expansion.

Skladon: Company Tour video

Skladon: Image video

Why Skladon?

  • Gain a competitive advantage in logistics in your industry
  • Reduce your costs for warehouse rent, staff, energy, transport or packaging material
  • Pay only for as much space and logistics operations as you actually use
  • Convert your fixed costs into variable costs
  • Invest in other areas of your business
  • Optimise your corporate cash flow
  • Get an individual approach from our customer care department
  • Use our in-house IT team for your logistics needs
  • Get to know the specifics and knowledge of foreign markets thanks to our know-how
  • Expand into foreign markets with a reliable technology partner

Case studies 

MySkladon: Client app

  • Complete control over orders, stock, returns, complaints, goods receipts, etc.
  • A useful reporting tool for effective management of your economy
  • Real-time data, 24/7, online and from anywhere in the world

Our goal

To be a partner that can respond flexibly to the specific and changing needs of our clients. Our priority is to guarantee our clients' end customers maximum satisfaction.






For more information, please contact our Sales Director Mr. Michal Tylecek at +420 774 448 397 or e-mail

Michal Tylecek, Sales Director, Skladon

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