• Tool for advanced marketing analysis.
  • Increases the efficiency of your e-shop and reduces costs by analyzing your orders.
  • Displays inventory lying idle in stock.
  • Distributes customers and focuses on effective marketing.
  • Connection via API

SHOPSTATO analyzes orders and shows the strengths and weaknesses of the store. It shows where it is possible to get rid of lagers in stock or how much you have a profit from each product.

What do the statistics in SHOPSTATO look like?

What can SHOPSTATO do?

  • Shows profits from individual orders and per product.
  • Defines lagers that only take up space in the warehouse.
  • Shows brands that are really commercially interesting.
  • Divides customers into marketing targeting groups.
  • And more statistics, reports, graphs.

What will SHOPSTATO bring?

The service aims to save costs and increase efficiency. With SHOPSTATO, you can close gaps where money and time are running out and see if it's wasted again.

  • The service divides order data into three areas - the orders themselves, the products, and the customers.
  • These segments further analyze data through modules such as:
  • Profit - Shows how much profit you have made on each order and product
  • ABC analysis - defines lagers that need to be disposed of as soon as possible
  • Manufacturer success statistics - lists brands that no longer make sense to offer and vice versa brands that need to be supported by marketing as much as possible
  • RFM Analysis - A tool for anyone who knows how to use it will increase marketing effectiveness while reducing costs through accurate customer segmentation

There are, of course, more modules.

Who is this add-on for?

For e-shops that have already outgrown basic sales and order metrics. If the e-shop grows, you need to know how it grows and influence development based on accurate data. The possibility of connection is also friendly for e-shops.

Why choose an add-on?

Because SHOPSATO can reduce costs and increase efficiency, thus outpacing the competition.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.