• The goods.cz comparator
  • It serves shoppers to find any product at the best price.
  • The operator of this server is Seznam.cz and due to this owner this service is visited every day by a significant number of potential shoppers.
  • Every e-shop can register for this service for free and regularly add information about their products and prices to the Zboží.cz website.
  • The add-on provides export of products to Zbozi.cz, linking to the Sklik service.


Zbozi.cz is a service with which you can search for information about the offered goods and their prices among registered online stores. It is the mediation of the sale, not the sale itself. The stores then sell the products themselves. Our task is to provide you with the fastest and clearest possible search for suitable stores.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.