• The tool makes working with online marketing much easier.
  • A new generation of tools that can design, create and manage cross-channel marketing campaigns yourself.
  • Campaigns tailored exactly to each e-shop customer.

We will connect your Upgates e-shop with - the most advanced Czech tool for email marketing, personalized campaigns and appearance of your e-shop. Serve your customers what they really want and what they buy. 

Mail autopilot

More orders, completely automatically, every day. Let Samba design your email campaigns, display the most suitable products on your e-shop and respond to even a single customer's interest. Automatically, entirely thanks to artificial intelligence.

Campaign Flow

Create your own marketing automations, such as thank you messages for the first purchase or sending a coupon for a customer's anniversary. It works with data that Samba prepares for you in a simple editor.

Personalized email marketing made easy

Take control of your email marketing and prepare email campaigns exactly the way you want them. Take advantage of more than 80 segmentation criteria, such as the expected customer value for your store, the customer's favorite product category or brand.

Personalise your e-shop

Increase the number of orders and their average order size with advanced e-shop personalization that matches each visitor or customer with the best products based on their exact interests.

What is

With zero experience to fully automated AI e-commerce marketing.

Set autopilot and track your e-shop's sales growth

Acquire new customers and orders automatically with fully AI-driven marketing.

More orders automatically

Samba automatically creates and launches personalized email campaigns, extends your store with product personalization, sets up useful marketing automations, and increases your store's annual sales by over 17% without any work on your part.

Powerful marketing automation quickly and easily

Prepare custom marketing automations that delight your customers, save you time and teach Samba's algorithms to customize your future campaigns

Recommend what's really interesting to your customers can identify what your customers really need and offer them the products they're most likely to buy. Automatically, across all your online marketing.

Add-on and linking information

To take full advantage of's potential, i.e. including the display of web personalised content (product recommendation type banners - people also buy with these products etc) you need to have Designer turned off and the advanced Code Editor options turned on. Without this setting, the Autopilot, Pust Notifications, SMS, Flow Campaigns, Email Campaigns, Triggers, Popups, Abandoned Cart, Purchase Interest, Repeat Orders, and other modules will not work. 

We provide connectivity for free. Price for up to 250 contacts: free. Over 250 contacts according to the current price list on the website Follow the clear step-by-step instructions to install (generate feed, save feed address, insert tracking code, etc).

Assisted linking (complete linking including setting up mail templates, flow campaigns, personalization widgets to the deseign page, etc.) according to complexity - price 900,-/hour. Usual at home within 6 - 10 hours.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.