Robot Jara

  • E-commerce automation using artificial intelligence powered by OpenAI's GPT-3.
  • Ensures correct sorting of products in categories.
  • Uploads attachments from emails to FTP.
  • Copies robotically altered product information from vendor sites.

Let the robot Jara do the routine work on the computer for you!

Use the magical robot Jara and you no longer have to search for the correct order of products in categories, upload attachments from your email to FTP every morning, manually copy product information to your website from the manufacturer's or distributor's website and much more...

  • Manually process attachments from emails
    You no longer have to upload an email attachment to FTP every morning. Jara will handle this and other regular tasks for you.

  • Solve sorting in categories
    SortAI module can handle sorting products in categories according to your goals (margin, turnover, combination). You don't have to search for the rules - the AI will find them for you. 

    • It knows your customers
      From google analytics it learns how your customers behave, what they like to buy and when.

    • Adjusts the order of products
      You set Jára whether you want to maximise turnover, margin or a clever combination of both. He'll adjust the order based on emerging trends and whether a particular product only sells when it's in stock, on sale, in season...

    • It's getting better all the time.
      He continuously looks to see if the order is working as expected. If not, it automatically adjusts it.

  • Copy manually info from supplier's website
    Does the supplier not provide you with information about the products you sell? Jara can regularly retrieve it from the supplier's website and upload it to your store.

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