• Manage returns in the e-shop - perfect returns process.
  • Fast refunds, automatic tracking of deadlines and customer notification.
  • API Link.

Retino is a return and claim self-service that does not force the customer to print and ensures a modern and efficient start-up process. We will help solve returns and complaints faster than ever before, in one place in a clear administration. In the add-on, you can see all currently open cases, ordered shipments, deadlines, customer history, return statistics, and more.

Linking rented e-shops Upgates with Retino allows:

  • Save 75% of your time spent handling returns and claims
  • Automate communication, logging, or refunds
  • Implement perfect order status records and appointment monitoring 
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  • Via the API or webcams automate credit memos
  • Check return statistics and customer satisfaction
  • Quick launch without complicated integration!
  • Get the best support for your reverse processes ❤️

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.