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Linking UPgates leased e-shops with Retino application provides a simple solution for returns or claims on your e-shop. By automating the complaint process you save a lot of time and also the nerves of your clients. The store does not always work as expected, but even then Retino will ensure the satisfaction of customers requesting a refund or refund.

Main advantages of Retino

1) Save your time

Every complaint and all its actions will forever rob you of time. E-mail communication, transport solutions or keeping track of returns, etc. All this will only increase with the growing e-shop. Over time, to an unbearable rate. Do not be limited in time by dealing with returns and complaints. As an entrepreneur, you value your time the most. Retino saves time with automation.

2) Retain your customers

Simplifying your customers' ability to return goods will save you time. Despite the fact that the customer was not satisfied with the purchase the first time, in the future his customer satisfaction with the complaint can bring him back to your e-shop. Complaints are common, but it is not necessary to lose the client completely.

3) Keep track of

The application provides clear graphs and statistics that will immediately show you how you are with complaints and refunds.