Process automation

Process automation allows you to perform automatic operations on Upgates data based on specified rules, without the need for human intervention.


Register with Dativery or log in. Apply the Process Automation scenario in Upgates. During setup, you will be asked for API credentials, which you can find in the Upgates administration under Connections > API. These are not the user credentials you use to log in to the Upgates administration.

For the scenario, you will perform basic setup:

Use the value in the From Date field to specify the date the order was issued, from which the orders will then be edited. You can prevent older orders from being processed.

Use the Process every 15 minutes switch to enable regular execution of the rules. It is recommended to turn it on only after you have carefully tested the rules.

Creating rules

You create individual rules. Each rule has a name for better organization and can be turned on or off (via the Active checkbox). 

Each rule has conditions and actions at the same time. The conditions determine to which orders the rules will be applied. An "AND" condition applies between each rule. However, you can specify multiple values and then an "OR" condition applies between them (e.g. multiple forms of transport). Alternatively, the rule must be duplicated.

You can perform multiple actions.

The system works by downloading a list of changed orders and applying rules over them. Therefore, if there is no change to the order, the rule will not be re-executed even if the order has now fulfilled it - we recommend trying the Check Rules function to check in these cases. The exception to this is time rules (document age), where Dativery watches for expiration and reloads and evaluates the order.

Check rules

If you want to test that everything works, you can use the Check Rules feature. Here you specify a list of orders over which the rules will be checked. Each order is then visually shown which rule has been met and which has not.

Detailed description of actions and conditions

Supports the following actions:

  • Add internal note
  • Delete document
  • Add meta
  • Change order status
  • Mark as paid (and generate invoice)
  • Mark as resolved

Supported conditions:

  • Order statuses
  • Customer Name
  • Country
  • Customer Note
  • Form of shipping
  • Document age (minutes)
  • Internal note
  • Invoiced
  • Language
  • OSS
  • Paid
  • Form of payment
  • Order price
  • Price list
  • Resolved
  • Total weight
  • VAT payer

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