UPgates extra charge Free
Price for connection Free
Price for service According to the service price list
  • Manual export of orders for label printing.
  • Automatic expedition via Balikobot and Chameleoon.
  • Automatic setting of the carrier's network of dispensing points.

What is PPL Parcel Shop

PPL Parcelshop is a place (shop, independent business establishment) that, in addition to its main activity, allows the receipt and delivery of PPL shipments. The recipient and sender need not be bound to a certain time of delivery and dispatch, they can pick up or deliver the package within the opening hours of PPL Parcelshop.

You can choose from the following products:


  • parcel delivery within the UK with next day delivery
  • parcel insurance up to CZK 50,000 included in the transport price


  • international parcel transportation
  • parcel insurance up to CZK 100,000 included in the shipping cost

You can submit packages that meet the following conditions:

  • cannot ship cash on delivery
  • single package weight max. 31.5 kg
  • max length 100 cm
  • sum of length and perimeter max. 300 cm
  • value of one package max. CZK 50 000, - resp. 100,000.-
  • Pack of regular shape only (package)
  • intact packaging closed with at least adhesive tape

Tracking URL PPL


PPL umožňuje posílat do slovenských parcelshopů. Jak to nastavím?

Stačí si v detailu Dopravy (Nastavení / Objednávky / Doprava) v oddílu Omezení, v poli Země zaškrtnout Slovensko. Následně se budou importovat pobočky i pro tuto zemi.