Upgates connector

  • Export orders - automatically using the Upgates connector.
  • Product import - automatic using Upgates connector.
  • Import categories - automatically using Upgates connector.
  • Export invoices - manual manual export.

POHODA is a popular economic accounting software for small, medium and large companies. The program is also suitable for accounting contributory and non-profit organizations. The Upgates system is compatible with all versions of POHODA, as well as with the "with SQL" and "without SQL" versions.

Automatic linking (Upgates connector)

Automatic linking works by every hour transferring data related to products and categories from Pohoda to e-shop administration. This updates inventory, availability status, and other related product basics.

Conversely, orders are sent every 5 minutes from the e-shop. After moving to Pohoda, they create in accounting the so-called blocked stock for the e-shop, so that, for example, stocks are not sold during the day even at a stone branch. Orders transferred to Pohoda are then no longer updated with any changes made in the e-shop.

Only one Pohoda warehouse can be set in the connector, for which the stock of products will be processed.

This export is charged according to the information above.

Manual export of invoices to Pohoda

Manual export from the e-shop administration to Pohoda is only possible for invoices. It is not done via the Upgates connector, but by a regular one-time export to an XML file. By manually exporting invoices, information on the state of stocks is not sent to Pohoda. It is only used to upload invoices as such to Pohoda, but the file does not carry inventory information.

This export is free

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