• Payment by card.
  • Fast bank transfers.
  • To use the payment gateway services, you must first contact PayU regarding the terms of cooperation.
  • To activate the payment gateway add-on, follow the help.

Payment gateway allows

  • Card Payment
  • Fast bank transfers

PayU is a multi-payment package that makes your payment simple, secure, and free.

Why pay with PayU?

  • Everybody pays through PayU. From the payment methods on offer, you can choose the one that suits you best - the modern method of quick payment buttons or card payment.
  • Payments with payment buttons are fast and instant. You don't have to wait until the money is transferred from your account to the seller's account, as is the case with a traditional bank transfer.
  • Your payment information is pre-filled, so don't worry about filling in your bank account number incorrectly.
  • You do not pay extra money, such as cash on delivery, which increases the price of the item.
  • The e-shop learns about payment for the goods immediately and therefore your order is processed faster.
  • payments are secure because they are made by Czech banks. Likewise, credit card payment is safe with 3D secure solutions.

How does the payment go?

After selecting the goods and confirming the order, you will be redirected to the PayU payment gateway, where you will select the payment method. If you pay with a payment button, you will log into your internet banking, where you will find all the payment information filled in and confirm the payment. When paying by card, you write down the card information and confirm it. The online store will receive money as soon as it has been paid, so it can process your order faster.


When creating an account on PayU, it is necessary to select the Classic API type instead of the REST API (Checkout) option.

For each language you can set different data from Payu. For proper processing, it is necessary to have the currencies used in given languages/states (eg Slovak language - EUR) in PayU.

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