• To use the services, you must first contact Paypal regarding the terms of cooperation.
  • To activate the add-on for connecting the Paypal system with the e-shop, follow the help.

Payment gateway allows

  • Card Payment
  • Fast bank transfers

More about PayPal

PayPal is an internet payment system. It allows you to transfer money between PayPal accounts identified by email addresses. Each account is linked to one or more credit cards. Your credit card must have Internet payments enabled.

When activating a credit card, you must provide PayPal with the necessary credit card information. PayPal will then charge a small amount - $ 2.00.

7 million companies worldwide have chosen PayPal. Join them.

Why choose PayPal?

Allow customers to pay conveniently.
  • Faster Payment

No credit card information required every time you make a purchase.

  • Receiving foreign payments

Customers can choose any of the 29 accepted currencies.

  • Increase conversion rate

Customers perceive the PayPal logo as trustworthy. As many as 34% of online buyers would not buy on websites where PayPal is not available.

PayPal communication with the e-shop

The data is transferred as part of the request to redirect the customer from the e-shop to the payment gateway and back. If the customer is not redirected from the payment gateway back to the e-shop (e.g. closing the window with the payment gateway after payment, etc.), then the e-shop will not receive information about the payment status. This property of the PayPal payment gateway cannot be influenced by us.

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