Packeta - Export data

  • Manual export of orders for label printing.

Orders can be transferred to the Packeta system by exporting to CSV format. Follow the instructions for exporting orders to obtain this file. Import the obtained file into the Packeta carrier's system. It contains all the necessary information to set up a dispatch for which you can subsequently order a collection.

Tracking URL Packeta

API connection to Packeta

The API key of Packeta, which you insert in the administration of your e-shop, is only used to retrieve the network of pick-up points according to the settings in your user account of Packeta. Transfer of orders or other data via API from/to Packeta is not supported.

Optimization for Packeta

Optimization is performed by adding predefined fields.

  • Note to the export of orders # 1 (export_shipment_note) - column 12 (according to the documentation - "Unique ID of the pickup point or an address delivery service.").
    Fill in the type of service for delivery. The current value for a specific type of service (eg Home Delivery) will be confirmed by Packeta.
    If this custom field is not filled in, then for deliveries to countries CZ, SK, HU and RO, the ID of the pick-up point is automatically entered in column 12. For other countries, the ID of the pick-up point is entered in column 20.

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