• Automatic transfer of order - help.
  • Print labels directly from Upgates administration.

You can transfer your orders to the Zásilkovna system using our API connection, which is completely free of charge. So you don't have to manually overwrite the customer, order information. The system will do everything for you. Similarly, you can print the subsequently created shipping labels directly in the Upgates e-shop administration. 

You can send orders from all related shipping types to the shipping house in this way:

  • Packeta - dispensing point
  • Packeta - home
  • Packeta - Z-BOX

API connection to Packeta

You can connect the e-shop to Zásilkovna using their API. Thanks to this, it is easy to transfer order data from the e-shop directly to Zásilkovna, print labels, etc. More here.

Tracking URL Packeta


Optimization for Packeta

Optimization is performed by adding predefined fields.

  • Note to the export of orders # 1 (export_shipment_note) - column 12 (according to the documentation - "Unique ID of the pickup point or an address delivery service.").
    Fill in the type of service for delivery. The current value for a specific type of service (eg Home Delivery) will be confirmed by Packeta.
    If this custom field is not filled in, then for deliveries to countries CZ, SK, HU and RO, the ID of the pick-up point is automatically entered in column 12. For other countries, the ID of the pick-up point is entered in column 20.

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