• Connecting the store to the Pack4you warehouse and fulfillment system.
  • Saving on warehousing and shipping costs. 
  • Easy synchronization with external warehouse.
  • Detailed overview allowing live control over stock and inventory.
  • Automation of order management.

Pack4you offers fulfillment services to e-shops, i.e. providing external storage and handling of e-shop orders.

The add-on effectively connects your Upgates e-shop with our logistics system and you can focus on improving your e-shop instead of packing and sending bypasses.

The add-on is designed for e-shops that are interested in using the services of Pack4you fulfillment company - receiving goods, warehousing, order processing from our external warehouse.

Within the framework of the connection implemented via API updates:

  • stock cards from eshop to Pack4you,
  • orders from the store to Pack4you,
  • inventory from Pack4you to the e-shop,
  • order statuses from Pack4you to the store.

The add-on transfers and updates: stock cards from eshop to Pack4you, orders from eshop to Pack4you, stock from Pack4you to eshop, order statuses from Pack4you to eshop.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.