Owlcure Personalizer

  • Marketing automation software.
  • Create custom automations in the scenario editor.
  • Individually displays customized content to each customer.
  • Offers customers relevant products on the homepage, in related products and in other upselling modules. 
  • Displays quick, pop-up notifications.
  • Pop-ups with special offers, contact collection.
  • Countdown timer in store header
  • Synchronization via API.

Increase the performance of your e-shop with personalization!

Thousands of people visit your e-shop every day, and none of them are exactly the same. Owlcure web personalizer helps tailor the e-shop to each visitor. It is based on analytics, which monitor how a visitor behaves on the website. What products he visited, what filters he has set, what he added to the cart and many more. Above this data, artificial intelligence recognizes in real time which products are of interest to the visitor and offers personalized products using personalized blocks.

The first example of such a block is a block with products on the homepage. If a visitor appears repeatedly on your site, the web personalizer will recognize them and replace the static products on the home page with customized personalized products. The customer will immediately get to the products that really interest him and there is no danger that he will not find the products and will run away from the e-shop.

Another example of personalized blocks is smart related products that are pasted into product detail pages. The system automatically recognizes which products are suitable alternatives to the product for a particular visitor. It will help him find the exact product he is looking for so quickly.

The last most used example is the Up-sell products block, which appears when you add items to your cart. Based on the behavior of the visitor and the product added to the cart, the system recognizes which other products would be more appropriate to add to the cart and displays the suggestions immediately. This will increase the average cost of orders and overall conversions.

Results of the personalized blocks we call Web Layers you can track in our app. You can immediately see statistics for individual panels, such as impressions, conversions, and more. You can view data for a selected time period and customize panels.

For web layers, you can set a lot of parameters and customize artificial intelligence. You can set which parameters are important to you. You can create rules that customize recommendations for different products. Do you want to show the visitor at least two sneakers after putting the pants in the basket? Do you want to show related products only from Nike, Adidas and Puma on the detail of Nike shoes? No problem.

Use these personalizations to increase e-shop conversions and improve the customer experience. We will be happy to help you set up personalization and customize according to your range. You can find more information on our site.

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