• Import products from the supplier to your e-shop. Automatically, without feed knowledge.
  • Save on the Upgates plan. You upload only those products that really you are selling.
  • Spend less time working with products. Categories, prices, delivery times - everything you edit in bulk.
  • Let the e-shop run without constant checks. Products are updated by Napojse for you.
  • Create benchmark feeds in a few clicks. You don't need to edit them at all (but you can).
  • Expand the offer. In Napojs you will find hundreds of suppliers that you just you click on the e-shop.
  • Sell via dropshipping.

Less time with products - more time to develop your e-shop.

Napojse connects suppliers to your e-shop. It will update prices, availability, photos and details for you. From dozens of suppliers' feeds, they create a unified one that Upgates requires of you.

And when you connect suppliers, you can expand the offer. In the Napojse B2B Market, you will find hundreds of verified suppliers that you just click on to your e-shop.

Basic features of the Napojse supplement

It saves dozens of hours of slave labor for more than 1,000 e-shoppers

"Super approach to the customer and very fast and factual answers to questions, nothing is a problem. Napojse saves a lot of time, and moreover, it has a very simple and intuitive control. I would recommend to everyone.”

Connect products from suppliers

It is easy. Feel free to upload dozens of feeds. In any format.

Napojse will ensure that no product is displayed twice. For example, you can prioritize the supplier with the best price.

Expand your offer with hundreds of suppliers

In Napojs you will find verified suppliers. You just choose and click them on your e-shop. No more arranging, emailing and arguing. With Napojs, you can expand your offer in a few minutes.

Try dropshipping. It couldn't be simpler

Who says you have to keep stock? Choose from hundreds of suppliers and click them to your e-shop. And you're done. Connection to the e-shop will be solved by Napojse, paperwork and transport by the supplier.

Your prices and categories - just set the rules

Different margins for different types of products? Custom delivery times? It is not a problem. Set your own rules. Napojse takes care of revaluations and updates.

You don't need to stick to supplier categories. You can easily drag and drop products into yours and edit product details in bulk.

Earn on benchmarks

Select the products you want to advertise. Set cost per click and details. And that's it - you have a feed for Heureka, Zboží.cz and other comparators.

You can customize the feed to your liking, but you don't have to. It is now ready to use.

Put the translations out of your head

Napojse can automatically translate feeds. It will translate your products, opening a fast path to new markets.

Get an overview of competitor prices

Napojse monitors the prices at which competitors are selling on comparison sites. Do you want to always be 10% cheaper than the competition while maintaining your margin? Set the ground rules, Napojs will take care of the rest.

Why the Napojse supplement?

  • Because it saves you hours of slave labor. You no longer have to work with feeds and edit each product separately.
  • Because you solve 3 things in one tool. You connect suppliers to your e-shop, create a feed for comparators and find new suppliers.

Who is the Napojse supplement intended for?

For all e-shoppers who sell goods from suppliers and want to save work. Napojse imports products to the e-shop for you (almost) without work. It will update them for you. It will create a benchmark feed for you. And in addition, it will offer you new suppliers.

How to activate the add-on?

After registering the add-on, you will receive a message on the e-shop's main e-mail with a link to complete the installation of the add-on. You can either pair the add-on with an existing Napojsa account or create a new one.
If the email has not arrived, please contact our technical support. He will help you.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.