• It improves the advertising of e-shops so that their sales grow at a reasonable cost.
  • Provides feed editing for advertising channels, product and category matching.
  • Export products in Mergado format in the Connection / Mergado section of the administration.
  • Transform supplier feeds into Upgates data file.

With Mergado, you can customize and reformat data feeds into a general Mergado format. You will then import it into the e-shop administration. The service is charged according to the valid Mergado price list in addition to the Upgates import price list.

Feed marketing tool Mergado speeds up and automates the setting up of online store exports. In addition to the efficient way you manage advertising on comparison goods, it also offers functions for processing supplier feeds and, in particular, a wide range of uses as a data feed editor. With it, you can edit your XML and CSV files on a professional level without having to hire a developer.

With a few clicks, you can solve previously time-consuming tasks such as hiding products and setting prices for individual customers. Other useful options include extending the feed with data from other sources or importing the output feed into other platforms. In addition, with this tool you can easily define your own format for the feed and thus simplify its loading into Mergada.

Discover the benefits of a data editor and manage feeds from vendors or those for customers in one place. Just upload the vendor feed to Mergado, format it, and import it into Upgates.

Discover all the benefits of Mergada up close and try it for a month for free.

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