• Gets key data for your email marketing.
  • Allows you to use statistics and data to send more successful bulk newsletters.
  • Provides competitor monitoring, current trends and recommendations, subject line analysis and inspiration.

Mailhunt is a web service that allows you to very easily monitor the newsletters of competing e-shops. All this in one place and without the need to manually subscribe or make a mess in your own inbox. You have smart statistics, search capabilities and other features that give you an edge in email marketing.

Mailhunt will tell you:

  • The most popular time and day of deliveries
  • Number of emails for the given period
  • The most common phrases in subjects
  • The most common amount of discounts
  • E-mail tool used
  • The most popular emojis
  • The most active e-shops
  • Design of newsletters for specific events

3 reasons to start using Mailhunt:

  • You will know the strategy of others, you will learn to choose the appropriate amount of discounts and the frequency of shipments. As a result, newsletters can make you more money.
  • You will never run out of inspiration. Thousands of carefully categorized newsletters and detailed analysis of subjects will help you with texts and design.
  • You save months of time compared to manual monitoring. You know the answers in a few minutes.

Mailhunt allows you to monitor up to 5 sites for free. After a quick registration, you just click on the subscriptions and use the statistics to find out how the selected sites approach e-mail marketing. New features and improvements appear in the service several times a month. Mailhunt helps both experienced e-shop owners and those who are just thinking about a regular newsletter for customers.

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