Mail Komplet

  • Complete e-mail marketing solutions.
  • It allows you to design and send out various graphic email designs. 
  • API connection.

Link to email marketing tool Mail Komplet. Implementation and interoperability allows transfer of the contact database from the Upgates e-shop administration to the Mail Komplet tool. This makes it easy to send information about your clients. Then use them in email campaigns.

Contacts are imported automatically and at regular two-hour intervals.

Once the link is set up, contact data for the last six months will be downloaded within 15 minutes. Another advantage is that individual user emails are also associated with information on whether the customer has unsubscribed from the newsletter.

Other optional features:

  1. Import orders - This feature allows you to sort contacts by the number of their orders, the total price of orders, or the number of items purchased. This way, you can easily target your email campaigns to the contacts you deem appropriate
  2. Import products - The list of products is downloaded to Mail Komplet, and you can add individual products to your campaign email templates

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.