Link With Ink - Print Labels

  • Prints product labels exactly as you need them.
  • Price tags, promotional prices, specific prices, ingredients, instructions for use, parameters, logos, images, pictograms, stock labels, barcodes, QR codes or anything else.

Link With Ink is an online application for preparing and printing product labels. Within a few clicks, you can print price tags, special and specific prices, composition, instructions for use, bar and QR codes, stock designation, product parameters, pictograms, logos, images or anything else.

Why Link With Ink?

  • Because you choose a beautiful label from the catalog , you design it yourself, or we can tailor it for you . It will contain all the necessary information, incl. logos, images and pictograms.
  • Because you will have products to print automatically from Upgates and ready to go at any time. No manual rewriting or transferring from Excel and Word. Click and print.
  • Because a browser will do. Forget about forwarding documents via email and installing complex programs.
  • Because Link With Ink is tailor-made for printing product labels. We have advanced single and bulk printing tools , good search, and more.

Try Link With Ink for free

After activating the add-on, we will contact you and discuss your needs. We will prepare label templates for you, advise you on setting up and selecting printers and consumables. Then you get a free month to test . All from 399 CZK / month.

We are at your service by phone and email , and we'd love to hear from you.

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