Lime Talk

Put Lime Talk online chat on your website or e-shop and give every customer a chance to get in touch with you and receive a reply in a matter of seconds. Lime Talk provides a real time overview of your website visitors along with useful information such as geographical location of every visitor, which product they are currently browsing, and other details. Automated messages help you start conversations and boost your sales. Lime Talk is mobile optimized and fully customizable: you can choose any color and any text. Try Lime Talk for free to check out all the features!

1) V administraci Lime Talk najdete HTML kód ihned po založení nového účtu v kartě Přehled. 

2) HTML kód zkopírujte a vložte v administraci e-shopu UPgates pod  Propojení / Vlastní konverzní kódy mezi tagy <head> a </head> dle návodu zde