• Get into your customers' pockets! We'll build you a custom iOS and Android app right from your e-shop!  
  • No more endless and expensive app development, your app will be available for download on the App Store and Google Play within 10 days and it's completely FREE! 
  • Work with your customers, notifications completely unlimited! 
  • Completely hassle free, everything is connected to the e-store, edit your e-store and the app will automatically update.
  • We guarantee that your app will still work and meet the highest standards for Google Play and App Store.

We have developed a technology that allows us to build iOS and Android mobile apps easily and 100x cheaper than before.

How does it all work?

If you have your own website, you can also have your own app available for Android on Google Play and for IOS on the App Store. The advantage of having an app like this is the subsequent sustainability. All the updates and developments you make on your e-shop are also available in your apps in no time. This way you have development 3x cheaper and faster than it was before. And the money saved? You can invest in marketing, for example. 

We'll use what you already have - your e-shop, which we'll "bake" into a full-fledged app with native features - and in just a few days, the whole world will be able to download it. 

Your e-shop is fully integrated with the app, so there's no need to manage two pieces of content (your e-shop and the app).

Functions and applications

  • Notifications - You can send unlimited notifications to your customers, which can increase engagement and awareness of new products, discounts or promotions. Thanks to our technology, we are able to offer you unlimited notifications completely free of charge.

  • Notification URL - When you send a notification, you can select the page to display to your customer when they click on the notification.
    Scheduled notifications - Want to schedule a notification for a week or even longer? No problem! You can set a date and time for each notification to be sent to your customers! 

  • Loading page - When the app is opened, the user will see "Loading App" with your logo so that the user always sees the content in full quality and full loading

  • Native app bar - We give users what they are used to, and what they like. That's why we're adding a bottom bar, so users always have quick buttons at their fingertips, even if your e-store doesn't directly offer it.

  • Linking with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager - We support the most sophisticated marketing tools of today. When you use these technologies, you're automatically shopni to measure all the information you need across your iOS or Android app.

  • Statistics from Google and Apple developer accounts - You always have visibility into how app download stats are responding to your marketing. That's why we're able to connect you with your app as much as possible so you know how many downloads your app has and when - for both the AppStore and Google Play.

What do you get with the app?

We will also create an administration interface for the application itself, from which you can conveniently manage the application and send notifications - both from your PC and from your phone. The admin panel is fully responsive for you - wherever you are, the app is always at your fingertips.

To make it easy for you to refer your customers straight to the app, we give you a universal link and a QR code that recognizes whether you're scanning from Android or iOS and directs the customer to the App Store or Google Play accordingly. 

As a gift from us, you will also receive a small promotional package created by our graphic designers with banners in your design to make it easier and simpler to promote your new app.

What is the process of creating an app with Let It App? 

  1. Send us an enquiry via this form . We will analyze your e-shop to see if it meets the Google and Apple standards for apps, so that it has a chance to pass the approval process with the App Store and Google Play. (If any adjustments are needed, we will contact you in time by email or phone.)
  2. Subsequently, we will need to provide additional information about the app: 
    • App Name 
    • Your company ID number
    • Link to the e-store (will be set as the app homepage) 
    • Phone number for our communication 
    • Email for our communication 
    • Title for the app for Google Play and App Store (if you don't know, we will create it for you)
    • Long description for the app for Google Play and App Store (if you don't know, we will create it for you)
    • Logo for your app icon in curves or large quality without background.
  3. Graphic designers will create a presentation of how the app will look for your approval.
  4. We get into the actual creation of the app, which takes about 10 business days. 
  5. We hand you the finished app and the 30 day free trial begins!

Why have your own app

  • Competitive advantage: Having your own app can create a competitive advantage in the market as most e-shops do not provide it.
  • Increase brand awareness: apps help increase brand awareness as customers interact with the brand more often. The average user spends 3h on their phone every day, which is like having several commercials in the cinema during a movie 
  • Increase repeat purchases: apps can increase repeat purchases through personalised offers and services. Also, there is an increased likelihood that a customer will click on your app once they have it on their desktop and they are on your store in one click. 
  • Notifications and alerts: your app allows you to send notifications and alerts to customers, which can increase engagement and awareness of new products, discounts or promotions.
  • Easier communication: customers can easily communicate with customer support, ask questions about products and orders directly through the app.

Managing the application and necessary updates

As part of the service, you already have complete management from us, including the necessary updates and support. No need to set up your own developer accounts on Google and Apple. 

Promotions for Upgates e-shops

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.