• Use of feeds Google Nákupy, Heureka and Zbozi.cz

More about KUTILO

  • Uses commission sales, is built on affiliate marketing
  • Has editorially generated content with professional management
  • Linked to content sites, online shows, hobby shows, and TV reports

Benefits of working together

The involvement of the e-shop in the Kutilo project is carried out exclusively through the Affiliate Port. This involvement opens up huge opportunities for e-shops to promote and increase turnover thanks to thousands of partners involved in the network. All promotion of e-shop and products is in the form of commission sales without unnecessary costs and risks. In addition, Affiliate Port involves e-shops in its own performance projects such as www.plnapenezenka.cz, www.lookio.cz or www.lookio.cz.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.