• It connects your store with the supplier and synchronizes information about the stock availability of each product.
  • Ensures that you don't accept orders for items that are already sold out at the supplier - automatically switches the availability of the goods.
  • Automatically extends or shortens the availability date to account for weekends, holidays, periods like Christmas to New Year's Eve and your shipping options.
  • Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  • Sync via API.

Kouzelný Sklad is an app for eshops that sets the correct availability date for products and increases sales by up to 15%.

What Kouzelný Sklad brings to online stores:

Increases sales by up to 15%
Ensures that customers do not order products that are no longer available - they no longer have to make unpleasant phone calls explaining that the product is no longer available
brings a competitive advantage on Heureka and Goods - availability date makes up to 82% of the weight in a customer's purchase decision

A longer explanation of how the Kouzelný Sklad works:

Do you sell products that you then order from a supplier and it happens that a customer buys an item that the supplier no longer has in stock? Would you like to sell goods from suppliers and want to be sure that you will be able to deliver the ordered goods? Do you want to gain a competitive advantage on Heureka and Zboží.cz?

Then you'll be interested in Kouzelný Sklad, which automatically sets availability and thus allows you to increase your turnover by up to 15%.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.