• A marketing tool that allows customers to spin a wheel of fortune and win a discount on their purchase when they enter the e-shop.
  • Link to a third-party service.
  • Pair loyalty coupons with Koolo.

More about Koloo

Koloo is a marketing tool to help you capture the "carousel of discounts" widget motivate visitors to your e-shop and motivate them to buy in the form of a discount or benefit. It also allows you to get an email address from visitors for subsequent email marketing, of course in accordance with the GDPR.

What does Koloo do?

  • In a fun way in the form of a "discount carousel", motivate site visitors to claim a discount or other reward to purchase. He will receive this discount / reward in the form of a discount coupon, which he can apply when purchasing
  • Allows you to receive email contacts from visitors for email marketing
  • Increase motivation of visitors to buy
  • Ability to support Facebook marketing with Koloo

Why choose this add-on

Want to do your best to support marketing? Try the Koloo widget, which has already convinced many e-shops on the Slovak and Czech markets of its performance. Long-term regular development has brought a number of functions that will be appreciated by both e-shop owners and top and marketers. Join the group of satisfied users and maximize the potential of your e-shop!

  • Get better conversions for purchases
  • You get a tool that you will appreciate and attract the visitor at a glance
  • The subsequent email newsletter will be much more numerous with the obtained email addresses thanks to Koloo. More contacts = more turnover


Nastavení kampaně a vložení scriptu výherního kola do e-shopu UPgates

1) V administraci nástroje Koloo si založíte novou kampaň. Ve správě kampaní poté kliknete u dané kampaně na tlačítko "Implementovat".

2) Vybere si možnost implementace "UPgates" a zkopírujete kód scriptu. 

3) Script vložíte do hlavičky vašeho e-shop dle návodu zde

Spárování slevových kupónů e-shopu s nástrojem Koloo

1) V administraci e-shopu si vytvoříte dostatečný počet slevových kupónů v potřebné výši (5%, 10% apod.) dle návodu zde

2) Ve správě kampaně Koloo si určíte výherní a nevýherní pole kolotoče slev. Do výherních polí pomocí tlačítka "Spravovat" vložíte seznam slevových kupónů vytvořených v prvním kroku. 

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.