• Linking through API.

Don't worry about the device, the operating system or the browser, you simply charge in iCount. Manage your accounting from anywhere. Without installation. Anyone can do accounting with iAccount! No limit on the number of invoices. Try it for free. For sole traders and companies. Full-fledged accounting.

Control your income and expenses and your income tax. Cash flow is tracked on a clear graph and you have an overview of the real state of your business.

Connect your bank and export payments, take advantage of automatic bank movement retrieval or import statements to pair receipts with their payments. Get a clear view of your money.

What does the add-on provide?

Fully automated one-way import of invoices from Upgates to iAccount via API.

Any interval can be set (e.g. 1x daily/weekly/monthly).

The price already includes the 1st year of operation (from CZK 1,000/year).

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.