• It offers fully automated email and SMS campaigns.
  • Abandoned carts and dozens of other retention scenarios will increase your return on PPC advertising investment.
  • Online widgets that will increase sales directly on the e-commerce site.
  • Popups and landing pages will help turn casual visitors into regular customers.
  • Save up to 70% of your time.
  • Sync via API.
  • Additional settings by connecting to a third-party service.

More about Incomaker

Fully automatic email and SMS campaigns. Save up to 70% of time

Most companies outperform email marketing because they don't have the capacity to focus on content. Incomaker collects customer data and uses artificial intelligence to automatically create emails for them. This way, each customer receives their original mail, as if you were writing to them in person, without spending any time. Of course, Incomaker can also use regular mail campaigns.

Abandoned baskets and dozens of other retention scenarios will increase your return on investment in PPC advertising

Incomaker has a number of retention strategies for you, such as abandoned baskets, coupon promotions, wish lists, sharing shopping experiences on social networks, holiday and birthday wishes, and dozens more. This will significantly increase the ROI of your campaigns, which means that you will earn much more revenue from every penny placed in your ad and become less dependent on PPC advertising.

Online widgets increase sales right on the e-shop site

Simply put smart widgets that offer customers relevant products directly into the e-shop. Cross-selling, upselling, visited products… Demonstrably increases customer time on e-shop, sales and number of conversions. You don't need a programmer to interfere with e-shop code!

Popups and landing pages will help make casual visitors regular customers

Pop-ups can be an extremely effective tool for collecting contacts (and consents). We can reach up to 15% of collected contacts from web customers. Or you can embed the online form directly into your site without having to edit its code. Alternatively, make a landing page and paste it into your e-shop.

Who else guarantees you a positive ROI?

Incomaker can track conversions far more accurately than Google Analytics because it also has access to e-shop data. Thanks to more accurate data, it can also manage campaigns as well as an autopilot aircraft, so we can afford to guarantee that your investment in Incomaker will pay off. Incomaker will earn you more than you pay for it. Hand on it!

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