Connection provider Jakub Ševela
UPgates extra charge Free
Price for connection from CZK 35,000 one-time + CZK 3,500 / year
Price for service According to the service price list

Individual connection provided externally by Jakub Ševela.

Delivery time: 4-8 weeks depending on requirements

Complete connection to the API - export of products and categories to the e-shop, two-way synchronization of orders (import of orders into Helios, status updates). Synchronization is automatic, i.e. without user intervention.

More about Jakub Ševela

Offers professional analysis and development of add-ons for the Helios Orange information system, development of integration solutions and post-implementation support. He specializes in connecting Helios Orange to e-shops, importing supplier feeds into the system and business intelligence solutions.

More about HELIOS Orange

HELIOS Orange is one of the most widespread enterprise information systems for the SME segment or small and medium enterprises. The inspiration to create this system was the needs and wishes of our customers. HELIOS Orange is a modern information system that provides the user with a completely new and INNOVATIVE access to important data. It speeds up his daily work and brings a number of functional innovations and improvements.