Individual connection provided externally by Redcon s. r. o. (www.redcon.cz).

The connector ensures the transfer of products, categories, stock availability and orders between the e-shop and the HELIOS iNuvio information system. The transfer is automatic

What the connector can transmit:

  • Products (description and images) from HELIOS iNuvio to the e-shop
  • Product variants
  • Product categories from HELIOS iNuvio to the e-shop
  • Orders from the e-shop to HELIOS iNuvio
  • Stock availability from HELIOS iNuvio to the e-shop
  • Attributes and documents according to customer requirements (not in the basic package, they are solved according to individual needs)

How the connector works:

  • Orders are downloaded using the REST API
  • Export of categories, products, stock availability of products takes place via XML
  • Supporting functions - we supplement HELIOS iNuvio with control elements that are missing in the standard

Who we are

Redcon, s.r.o. is a long-term certified partner of HELIOS with an expert team of consultants and programmers. In addition to theimplementation of HELIOS information systems, we develop our own related solutions.
We will tailor the connection between HELIOS iNuvio and the Upgates e-shop to each customer.


You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.