• Payment by card.
  • Fast bank transfers.
  • To use the payment gateway services, you must first contact GoPay regarding the terms of cooperation.
  • To activate the payment gateway add-on, follow the help.

More about GoPay

GoPay is the most powerful payment gateway, ready for all your needs. You can receive up to 56 payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, or bitcoin. Card payments or online bank payments are a matter of course.
Payments are secured according to the latest 3D Secure standards and in accordance with PCI DSS Level 1, the highest level of requirements of Visa and Mastercard.

Why choose GoPay?

Better mobile experience

Almost 50% of payments are made from mobile devices. The gateway uses a sophisticated design, designed especially for mobile phones.

Gateway to the world

Payments from abroad are not a problem. The gate accepts crowns, dollars, euros, pounds, Polish zlotys, Hungarian forints, Romanian lei, Bulgarian lev and Croatian kuna. It is translated into 13 languages.

Save a card in the gateway

With the card storage feature, customers can pay with a single click without having to copy payment details. If the customer saves the card on their mobile phone, they can name it arbitrarily or assign a color for better overview.

Color adjustment

You can customize the look of your payment gateway to your brand. You can set your logo and company colors in the payment form.

Additional features to help you receive payments

  • Link payments
    When a customer needs a recurring payment, email them an additional payment link. Thanks to the link, the customer does not have to repeat the entire order again.

  • Automatic and manual billing
    You can have payment payments sent automatically (by monthly, weekly, or daily frequency), or you can bill manually at any time in your account.

Price List

The price list depends on your turnover, frequency of payments and the type of goods or services sold. The higher your turnover, the less you pay. You can arrange a specific price, tailored to your business, with our sales specialist.

Demo Gateway

Want to test a GoPay payment on your own? Go to the demo. and choose the payment method that attracts you the most. You can also try the difference between the inline and redirect versions. For mobile payment, open the demo gateway on your mobile phone.

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